Thursday, 7 March 2013

Latest News:

Bernard Matthews have felled 342 trees (almost an acre) on the proposed wind turbine site - potentially illegally.  The forestry commission have been in to investigate and Broadland District Council have been made aware of the tree culling as it seems neither organisation were either consulted or notified!

In fact the trees are exactly where they want to build the turbine and because they were in the way BM decided it would better to get rid of them before the planning application went in... In response to meia coverage on the subject they've said it was part of an "ecological review" and were removed because the trees may have caused an issue with the planning process for the turbine relating to bat colonies.  This seems to us even more cynical! 

The other major consideration that BM failed to take into account was that the company was ordered to put the trees up 22 years ago as a condition of their planning application to expand their poultry sheds on the site.  The trees were supposed to screen the units from view.  We're waiting to hear what Broadland planning have to say on this issue....

Some pictures of the carnage:

You can see the trees before they were felled in this aerial view:

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