Wednesday, 13 March 2013

As promised here are the aerial photos - thank you Sky High Imagery.  They show the view from 76m above the proposed turbine site which is just shy of what would be the tip of the turbine's propeller (77m).  Obviously you can see the whole of the village of Oulton, however its interesting to note that you can see Blickling Hall's upper windows in the distance as well as Blickling Church next to it.  On one of the shots of the area where the trees were felled you can also see Heydon Hall in the distance on the left.

Although these historical buildings look small in the distance its important to remember that the scale of the wind turbine is huge in comparison so it certainly won't look quite so tiny when viewed in the opposite direction!


Area of felled trees:

The turbine (and Big Ben! ) as it would look on the site:

The view across from the site in a North Easterly direction:

And zooming in on Blickling Estate:


  1. Most people do not realise the visual impact of these on shore turbines , these photographs really bring it home . good work

  2. It is ridiculous that the scale of any onshore turbine development is brushed aside by developers.To make people believe that hedges and the odd tree will specifically hide the turbine from view is laughable. Look at the view taken from 70+ metres.....if you can see a house, garden, village street, pathway or beauty spot in the picture - then from that point looking back YOU WILL SEE THE TURBINE !

  3. How many people in oulton would fight the same fight about the turbine being somewhere else,or is this a case of not in our backyard please,so if you live in an area with lots (as you list) historical and national trust flagships you then qualify for exemption on things that do not fit the criteria or imagery you want when you drink your Pimm's in your spacious back garden,is this to say do not put them where there is space a plenty put them where its more built up they will not notice,its more about snobbery than ethics