WHAT is being proposed

Bernard Matthews in conjunction with renewable energy supplier, Energy4All, has proposed the construction of a 500kw wind turbine on their land in Oulton, North Norfolk.

The proposed 77m turbine would be sited on a parcel of land adjacent to a number of historic conservation areas including the Blickling Hall estate. The turbine would be similar in scale to Norwich Cathedral spire and Big Ben (both 96m), and positioned less than 500m from the nearest homes, including several owned by the National Trust. 

The electricity generated by the turbine would be sold back to the national grid.

Map below shows the proposed site and the size of the turbine.


  1. Another case of a landowner & so called green energy developer chasing the money. Turbines are notoriously inefficient . These people will use misinformation ,lies & bend the rules in an attempt to achieve thier goal.

  2. Since when was a 77m turbine 'similar in scale' to something that's 96m high? That's 19m difference, which is probably about the height of Oulton Church tower. Also, you say that some of the homes nearest the proposed turbine are owned by the National Trust. Does that somehow make them more important? And if so, how?

  3. Yes you are quite correct its not as big as Big Ben, but then nothing in North Norfolk is. That's the point - the tallest structures in this part of the country are 'on the scale' of Norwich Cathedral - hence why we have shown these in the diagram. There aren't even any electricity pylons because there impact would be so colossal compared to everything else.

    The National Trust's aim is to "work to preserve and protect historic places and spaces - for ever, for everyone". The houses on The Street are part of their remit and as such the National Trust have strict rules that require the houses to look as they would have looked originally when they were built. The doors & windows have to be a certain colour, no satellite dishes, not even any solar panels (ironically!). Although the turbine would not be on National Trust property it would be RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Hardly in keeping with their stated aim!